Student Admissions

St. Xavier’s School is a private English Medium School established on 27.03.2004 and conducted by the Catholic Diocese of Purnea for the education of boys and girls upto high school level. It is open to all without distinction of caste or creed.
The purpose of the Institution is to impart in its pupils a sound, moral, intellectual and physical education, to train them to be useful and loyal citizens needed for social changes in the country.
Education at our school is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum that takes into account both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of learning. The children are taught to follow the basic guidelines of discipline and to lead from the front. We make sure that our teachers and staff members are well trained to handle difficult situations and treat the children with love and care. Physical and mental fitness is as important in life as is the academic expertise. Games, extra-curricular activities, annual sports day and various other activities are undertaken for the overall growth of our students so that they are able to face life with honour.

Academic Session

April to March

Summer Vacation

June-01 to June-17

Winter Vacation

Dec-24 to Jan-03

Admissions Period

December to January 

Get in touch if you want to learn more about our admissions process.

Student Admissions

What to Know About Registration

                       It makes us feel proud that you are seeking admission for your son/daughter in St. Xavier’s School, Kishanganj. We wish to render total cooperation in this regard. Please note that, the number of seats is limited and the admission seekers are numerous. The admission is based on successfully completing certain admission formalities and transparent procedures which include selection by lottery. Therefore, after scrutinizing the Application Forms and the documents asked for, applicants will be shortlisted for an interaction.

                        St. Xavier’s School, Kishanganj, is a Christian Minority Institution and as such the norms of minority institutions are applicable for the admission procedure.

                           The selection is done by the Principal with the help of other Priests of School. No one else in the school or outside the school is involved in the admission process.

Let me also caution you bout certain things:

Please avoid any third party that approaches you in connection with the admission and neither should you approach anyone else. Beware of touts who try to cheat people during the admission-season. Recommendations for admission are not entertained.

Do not offer any money or any material thing to anyone who approaches you in the name of admission, posing to be well connected with the school, or pretending to have something to do with the admission procedure. We do not accept any money for admission. Therefore, do not spoil the name of this Institution by offering money or things to anyone. If it is known to the school authorities, even subsequently, that any unfair means have been adopted, that admission will be summarily cancelled and the student will have to be withdrawn.

I hope your child will be successful in securing an admission in this school and we will have the opportunity of nurturing him/her.

Admission Process


  • Collect the Application Form from the school office.

  • Candidates need to be present along with their parents at the time of Interview.

  • Selected Candidates will be intimated via SMS. The List of Selected candidates will also be published on the Website.


  • Birth Certificate (Municipal Corporation, Block (Photostat copy mandatory)

  • Three Passport Size Photos of the child. (Mandatory)

  • Presence of both the parents during Interview (Mandatory)(Tutors are not allowed In the Interview room)

  • Write the child's name on the back of the photos and Birth Certificate.

  • Blood Group of the Child (Mandatory)

  • Phone/Mobile No. (Mandatory)

  • A month's notice is required previous to the withdrawal of a pupil or fees for that month will be charged.

  • The School reserves the right to dismiss pupils whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory.

  • Honesty, cleanliness, neatness off person and dress, good manners, loyalty and respect for seniors are demanded and any one not confirming to the School's ideals in these matters may be asked to leave.

  • Immorality or grave insubordination and contempt for authority are always reasons for dismissal.

  • A student who fails in two consecutive classes or twice in the same class or whose scholastic record is below 20% may be asked to leave the school.

  • A student using unfair means in the examinations will be dismissed from the school.

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